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dofeWhat is it the Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) Award?
The DofE is an accredited programme of challenges. It aims to provide an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development for young people, which is of the highest quality and widest reach. Find out more at or watch these YouTube videos on Bronze DofE, Silver DofE or Gold DofE.

Who can do it?

The Bronze award is open to Year 9, the Silver award to Year 10, and the Gold award you can sign up for as soon as you have had your 16th birthday.  You do not have to complete one of the previous awards to take part at a higher level - so you could start directly on Gold and get your badge and certificate presented at one of the Palaces in London.

What does it cost?

There will be a financial commitment to cover the costs of our expedition providers. For example, the cost of this year’s expedition was:

  • £185 for the Bronze award (to include designated training days, a practice and a qualifying walking expedition in the Peak District)
  • £417 for the Silver award (this is a paddling expedition with training based at Spring Lake water sports centre, Long Eaton. The practice expedition is conducted on the River Trent and qualifying expedition is on the River Severn in Wales.  The silver award will only run if we have sufficient numbers)
  • £300 for the Gold award (this consists of pre-practice training at Bramcote College, additional hill walking experience days, and practice and qualifying expeditions in wild country in the Lake District).

Upon signing up for an award you will be asked for a £40 deposit (or £29 if you just want to register for the Gold Award without doing the expedition). This not only secures a place, but a portion of this money will be used to buy your child’s Welcome Pack from the DofE charity, which includes your DofE Participation Place. Any remaining balances can be paid in instalments throughout the year.

What equipment do I need?
We have a substantial amount of equipment that we provide, either directly from Bramcote College or from our specialist outside provider, AS Explore Outdoor:

Why should I do it?
There is a lot of scope in the programme for you to get credit for doing activities that you already enjoy. If you’re applying for university, college or even a job being able to add a DofE award to your CV/UCAS form will help.

Completing a DofE award really helps to broaden your horizons. During the course of a programme you’ll meet new people, experience new surroundings, improve your fitness and get to try new activities. Above all else, it’s fun!

What’s involved?
Whichever level of award you’re doing you’ll create your own personal programme with the help of your Leader- you just have to choose one activity for each section. It’s up to you what you do for each one, so you can choose something that you’re really into or keen to have a go at. It’s all about setting yourself a challenge and feeling great when you achieve it! There is a great official DofE app that you can download from the Apple app store or Android play store that will help you to begin, manage, and complete your programme..

  • Volunteering: This is your chance to make a real difference by helping someone, your community, the environment or an organisation. From being a Listener for the Samaritans or raising money for a cancer charity to helping out at an animal shelter or cleaning up after T-in-the-park- it’s your chance to help others.
  • Physical: You can choose any sport, dance or fitness activity to get fitter, keep fit and get better at it! You could play for your local football team or learn to dance or take up something a little more unusual like octopushing or free running –it’s up to you- just choose something you’ll enjoy!
  • Skills: Is there something you’ve always wanted to try or do you want to get better at your favourite hobby? Do it for your Skills section and get credit for it! Play the guitar, learn to drive, gain circus skills or even grow cacti - the sky’s the limit when it comes to skills.
  • Expedition: Highs, lows, great laughs, amazing memories- you’ll experience it all as you plan, train for and complete an adventurous journey in the UK or abroad. You could find yourselves climbing, cycling, horse riding or walking - who knows where your expedition will take you!
  • Residential (Gold Only) is an opportunity for a young person to step outside of their usual environment, routine and social setting, giving them the opportunity to find out more about themselves and who they see themselves as.

Can I donate outgrown or unwanted walking or camping equipment to school?
If you have any out grown or unwanted walking or camping equipment – we are always looking for donations to help our students complete these awards, sometimes the only barrier for taking part is the personal equipment so every little helps!

How can I find out more?
If you are in Year 8 and would like more information about taking part in next year’s award, please watch the video below.

If you are in Year 11, you can register for the Gold Award as soon as you have had your 16th birthday, and you don't need to have completed the silver or bronze awards before.

  • You can register for as little as £29, through registratio you will receive your DofE log book, DofE discount card giving you 10% off at selected retailers and your online eDofE account.  You can then start your volunteering, skills and physical sections.
  • For the GOld Award, you will need to attend a residential.  The NCS (National Citizenship Scheme) offers this through local universities at a great discounted price.
  • At Bramcote College we offer training for your practice expedition in Year 12 (Peak and Lake Districts). In Year 13 we offer training for your final expedition, but this is optional.
  • You will have until your 25th birthday to complete your award.

If you would like further information on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award please contact our Duke of Edinburgh’s award co-ordinator Miss Vizard by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call reception on 0115 916 8900 and leave a message.

We give out letters to start each Award at the end of the school year, ready to start the following year.