Homework is set for all year groups at Bramcote College, and is set and recorded within Microsoft Teams. Students also have a folder they can use to note down the subject and due date of the homework when it is set.

When homework is set on Microsoft Teams, parents are also automatically notified (for information only) via the MyChildAtSchool app.  Students will receive a notification within Teams and a reminder in their Microsoft 365 calendar, and should always check Microsoft Teams for the full instructions and resources.

Where homework is late or not completed, class teachers will set a 10 minute correction. For repeated non-completion, sanctions will escalate in discussion with the Head of Department or Head of Year.

Frequency of homework
Homework is set by subject teachers based on the guide below.  The frequency of homework depends on the subject and year group.  Students will usually be given one week to complete homework, although this will vary according to the task set.  We expect that students in Years 7-9 should be spending around 30 minutes studying each evening and students in Years 10-11 around 1 hour. (Bramcote Home Learning Policy).  

If there is no homework set, students should read, use Century Learning or Seneca, or review the day’s learning using Microsoft Teams / exercise books.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

English, Maths, Science
Homework will be set weekly

History, Geography, Computer Science
Homework will be set fortnightly

Art, Technology, Performing Arts, PE, Citizenship/PSHE/Religious Studies
Homework will be set as required

Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

English, Maths, Science
Homework will be set weekly

Options Subjects, Project-based and coursework subjects (e.g. Art, Photography, Health & Social Care, Sport BTEC)
Homework will be set as required

Our Student Guide to Independent Learning is available for download below, showing in a lot more detail how students can:

  • Sign in to Microsoft 365 to access Teams, Word, OneDrive, OneNote and other apps from any device with an internet connection.
  • Find, view and complete homework tasks in Teams.
  • Use Teams and other apps effectively, making use of features such as reminders and notifications.
  • Access the Century Learning app for tailored English, Maths and Science work.
  • Access the Seneca app (Years 9/10/11) to to help support memory and understanding.