At Bramcote College we want encourage students to be independent and self-motivated learners. We want them to take responsibility for their own learning and be active participants in their learning journey. 

Teacher Guided Independent Study (Traditional Homework)

Teachers will set teacher guided independent study via the Microsoft Teams platform. This platform will provide details of the task and will include any relevant documents. Free access to the Microsoft Office 365 and Teams will allow the students to complete many of the tasks directly within the platform. They will also be able to submit the piece immediately avoiding any issues with lost or misplaced worksheets. They will receive feedback via the same platform. All students will have been shown how to access this in their Computer Science lesson.

A reminder of the home learning task will then appear in the Bromcom My Child at School app so that you can support your child with their organisation.

Students can download the Microsoft Teams app from an app store for free -
Microsoft Teams - Google Play Store
Microsoft Teams - Apple App Store

You can also download the Bromcom My Child at School app from an app store for free -
MCAS - Google Play Store
MCAS - Apple App Store

Alternatively, both Office 365, Microsoft Teams can be accessed via the internet using the students school login details, specifically their Bramcote College email address and password.


Frequency of Homework
Homework is set by subject teachers based on the table below.  The frequency of homework depends on the subject and year group. Students are usually given one week to complete their homework, although this will vary according to the task set.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

English, Maths, Science, Spanish
Homework will be set weekly

History, Geography
Homework will be set fortnightly

Art & Technology, Performing Arts, PE, Citizenship/PSHE/Religious Studies, Computer Science
Homework will be set as required

Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

English, Maths, Science
Homework will be set weekly

Options Subjects, Project-based and coursework subjects (e.g. Art, Photography, Health & Social Care, Sport BTEC)
Homework will be set as required

We expect that students in Years 7-9 should be spending around 30 minutes studying each evening and students in Years 10-11 around 1 hour. If there is no homework set, then students should complete self-guided independent study and read for pleasure, please see below.

Where homework is late or not completed, class teachers will set a 10-minute correction. For repeated non-completion, sanctions will escalate in discussion with the Head of Department or Head of Year.


Self Guided Independent Study and Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure
Bramcote College recognise the importance of reading confidence and actively promote reading for pleasure and purpose. The Reading Agency commissioned a Literacy Review that explored the links between reading for pleasure and empowerment. Reading for pleasure was found to have a positive impact on all aspects of the graphic below:
We recommend that all students spend 30 minutes reading every day. 10 minutes will be completed at school during DEAR time each day.

Self Guided Independent Study
In addition to the teacher assigned work we will expect the students to complete self-guided independent study using Seneca and/or Century (Year 7 and 8). We recommend 1 hour a week.


Century Learning

Student Guide to Century Learning | YouTube
Parent Guide to Century Learning | YouTube

All Year 7 and 8 students will have access to a Century Learning account. CENTURY is an AI-powered online home learning platform that tailors study materials to the needs of every child. This offers a personalised learning experience for each child and provides support in the areas they need the most. This platform gives your child access to 1000’s of videos and slide shows along with tailored feedback to help them improve. This platform will support students with English, Maths, Science and digital literacy.

Students use their school log in to access the site or if they are logged into their Office 365 account, they can sign in with this.


Seneca Learning

Parents Guide to Seneca Learning | YouTube

All students at Bramcote College will have access to a Seneca learning account, however students in Year 10-13 have a premium account. Seneca is an online platform can be thought of as an effective and engaging interactive revision guide with course written by senior examiners at the major exam boards. It provides summaries, notes, videos and lots of different types of practice questions. The system is also completely adaptive so your child's learning experience will be tailored to suit their needs.

Seneca Learning will work on any device, simply visit senecalearning.com on your mobile, iPad, tablet or laptop computer and log in. Seneca will automatically adapt to the size of your screen. There is also a Seneca app -
Seneca - Google Play Store
Seneca - Apple App Store


Access to IT Facilities:
Students are encouraged to complete and submit homework via Teams. However, staff are happy to provide paper copies of homework for any students who do not have good IT access at home. Students can also access computers during lunchtimes to complete homeworkand moving forward we will have facilities in the library.
Please contact us if you are worried about IT access at home for your child – we will do our best to help.

How to Guides
Parents Guide to Seneca Learning | YouTube
Parent Guide to Century Learning | YouTube

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