Strategic Priorities

Our Mission

To provide the right conditions for every young person to succeed. We are driven by the belief that every child can succeed given the support they need. We achieve this by working in partnership with parents and carers, staff, out Local Governing Body, the White Hills Park Trust and the wider community, focusing relentlessly on our Strategic Priorities:

  • To continue to develop new strategies for securing excellent progress for all students and adapting curriculum model & ensure Pupil Premium/Catch-up strategies are highly effective
  • To maintain and refine routines and behaviour systems to support high standards of student conduct and students’ academic and personal development
  • To ensure that extracurricular activities, RSE curriculum, student leadership and careers are planned and executed well
  • To continue to support the professional development and wellbeing of all staff. To ensure that safeguarding is highly effective
  • To ensure that a financially viable and high performing Post-16 provision in place
  • To ensure that finance, administration, communication, and governance are fit for purpose.