School Meals and Catering Service

The White Hills Park Trust have partnered with Aspens, a leading specialist school catering service.  This collaboration will help us to deliver a quality service of freshly cooked food every day for our students and staff in school, working towards our long-term commitments to healthy eating.

Our kitchens provide a range of freshly prepared options each day with inspiration taken from different cuisines around the world such as the USA, Caribbean, India, Asia, and of course traditional favourites from here in the UK.  We also provide pre-packaged sandwiches and snacks for those looking to grab something quickly rather than a full hot meal.

Lunch times
Due to the capacity of our dining room, while all students have two breaks throughout the day we only allow access to the dining room once, at either First Lunch (11:40) or Second Lunch (1:30) depending on their year group.  We encourage any students on the second lunch to bring in a healthy snack from home (such as fruit or a cereal bar) they they can have at the first break to keep their energy up through the day. 

Water stations
Students have access to water filling stations around the site and should bring in a refillable water bottle to make sure they can stay hydrated throughout the day, and to help us cut down on drinks provided in plastic bottles or cartons which are then thrown away.  

Should students need a snack or breakfast in the morning, we provide all our students with the option of a freshly toasted bagel before their first lesson begins, free of charge.

Our catering service is cashless, and payments are made online through the MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) app.

Menu and Prices
The current menu and a price list are attached below.  The menu runs on a three week rotation (dates are displayed at the bottom of the pages).