Policies and Documents

Our policies are reviewed anually by the senior leadership team and our local governing body, although throughout the school year some may be refined to help us ensure the most up-to-date information is always available. 

There is more information surrounding key policies (for example: Safeguarding, SEND, etc) on other dedicated pages of the site.

Any policies watermarked as draft or pending approval have been reviewed recently and reflect the practices and processes in school, but have yet been ratified by our Local Governing Body (LGB).  This will usually happen at the next meeting of the LGB.

Bramcote College is a member of The White Hills Park Trust, and the Trust's policies that are adopted by all its academy members can be found on its website:  WHP Logo 15px The White Hills Park Trust

If you would like a paper copy of any of the policies, documents, or information on this website, or would like to discuss any of the information contained within, please contact the school.

Complaints and Concerns

Curriculum Areas


Financial Documents

Inclusion and Special Education Needs

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Please note: updated versions of some policies below have been reviewed recently and are currently awaiting final approval before publication