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We've put together a collection of resources we've used in sessions in school to help with revision and study skills; focusing on the best ways to learn, revise, remember, balance your learning with your life and be iready and in control when you're sitting in an exam.

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We've all got a memory.  What's the best way of making information stay in it?

Independent Learning

Using visual and experiential memory to remember linked “chunks” of information, and how linking information makes it more memorable.

Experiencing Learning

Using memory prompts to secure knowledge in your long term memory, and understanding how to retrieve information and apply it to assessment questions.

Stress Management

Stress in natural, but not necessarily bad.  Can we take control of some of the stress we feel and turn it into something helpful?

Blending and Balancing

Mixing Together what you’ve learned so far to make sure you’re ready for an exam.  Be ready and be in control.

Knowing Yourself

It's important to know yourself, realise your habits, and why you're doing this.