Year 7 Catch-up Funding

Before students arrive at Bramcote College, our SEN and pastoral teams work with primary schools, collate KS2 data and undertake CAT testing. This takes place in order to ensure that all students, who are below expected progress, are fully assessed and as a result receive the correct intervention on arrival in September.

Expenditure (2018/2019)

The breakdown shows how our spending is focused on English and Mathematics, with on-line literacy programmes, Maths mentoring and Readwise and Accelerated Reader being the main focus of our intervention. The impact of these can be seen in our increase in Reading Ages and progress in data and books.





TA Delivery of Readwise


Support Mentor 1:1 Intervention Sessions incl Maths


Maths Intervention


CAT Tests - GL Education Group


CAT Tests - 3 days Tech Time


Data Time - continuous assessment


Accelerated Reader Costs


Librarian 1 day per week


SENCo Testing/IEP



Total Expenditure


Funding Grant 16-17


Balance of Funding



Literacy: All students participate in DEAR; 15 minutes of reading at the start of lesson 5 every day.

Current Year 9 students
By the end of Year 8 (after 22 months of literacy support from September 2016 to July 2018) the students have made an average of 38 months progress in their reading ages. Progress for students identified as disadvantaged students who are non-disadvantaged is the same.

Current Year 8 students
By the end of Year 7 (after 10 months of literacy support) students had made an average of 20 months progress, with disadvantaged students making on average 18 months of progress and non- disadvantaged making on average 21 months of progress. The majority of students are continuing with literacy support currently, by using Reading Wise and 1:1 Switch On sessions, some are also using Rapid in group reading work; this will be reviewed on a termly basis.

Current Year 7 students
There are currently 42 students identified in Year 7 as requiring literacy support. Students are now using Reading Wise four mornings every week, with those requiring additional support also using Switch On.

All Year 7, 8 and 9 students have a fortnightly library lesson during which they use the Accelerated Reader scheme and have the opportunity to read out loud to a member of staff. Many Year 7s are also involved in a peer reading project, reading with Student Leaders from Year 10.

Numeracy: All students participate in Numeracy Ninjas as part of our morning Tutor Time Programme

Current Years 7 and 8
Students are registered on Accelerated Maths for Years 7 and 8 to catch up with numeracy shortfalls. Current Year 8s saw an average increase of exam outcomes of 38% between baseline assessments at the start of Year 7 and Year 7 summer progress checks, with students identified as disadvantaged improving by an average of 39% and non-disadvantaged students improving by an average of 36%. Current Year 9s also saw an average increase of 20% across a single year in their assessment grades which was equal for students identified as disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged.

Ongoing support for Years 9 and 10 has continued this year
A Maths Mentor from YIPIYAP working specifically with Year 9 and Year 10 students who are identified as disadvantaged (using DANCOPS funding). Students receive in class support and 1:1 support.

All Years
Students in every year group continue to have small group intervention by Maths staff, our Maths TA.